About me

My name is Joel Stein. I am 27 years old. A graduate of IUPUI with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Graphics, Art, Commercial Art, Film, Video Art, Motion Graphics, Graphic Art, Graphic Design, or web development . My passion is the ability to shoot, edit and produce video and/or motion graphics for promotional use including sound and lighting.

Technical knowledge:
– Premiere Pro and/or Final Cut Pro
– Adobe After Effects, & Apple Motion
– Experience with HTML5 and video specifications in browsers
– The Ability to edit and produce multi-camera production
– Working knowledge with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash
– Working Knowledge of HTML5, CSS, Java Script
– 3/5/7 point lighting and Scene lighting
– Working knowledge of basic 3D modeling
– The ability to composite 3D images into a scene
– The ability to track a scene using Autodesk Matchmover/ Mocha/ Adobe After Effects
– 3D animation using Maya and After Effects CS6 with ability to batch render into video
– Trained how to expose a camera properly using aperture, ISO and shutter speed.
– Sound editing using Adobe Audition and/or Sound Forge
– Grading footage with Adobe Speed Grade
– Ability to make professional DVDs using Adobe Encore
– Use video monitors and interrupt data including histogram, waveform, false color, and peeking
– The ability to compress video into proper formats and codecs using Adobe Media Encoder
– Trained in the ability to keep continuity between video shots
– Knowledge of screen capturing during computer usage
– Microsoft Powerpoint

Thanks !
-D.Joel Stein


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